Columbia Journalism Review Bolsters Environmental Coverage

Columbia Journalism Review, a stalwart for many university journalism faculties, is about a year into its efforts to revamp its paper and online personas by, among other things, increasing its emphasis on coverage of business and science/environment news.

Heading up its environmental journalism coverage – a focus of its online activities, and not of the “dead trees” version – is Curtis Brainard ( ), a recent graduate of Columbia’s two-year dual-degree program awarding an MS in Journalism and an MA in Earth © Environmental Science.

Brainard puts in a 30-hour workweek as CJR continues to work its way through what had been some persistent lean years and rampant staff turnover. He says the publication now is in the black, and the push is on with its reinvention of itself. For a peek at how environmental journalism is portrayed in what is generally considered the nation’s leading journalism magazine for teachers, go to and search for Brainard.

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