Lexus’ $1 Million Scholarships, Grants

Here’s another angle on how the climate change issue can play into the educational beat at your local news organization.

Lexus’s new “Lexus Environmental Challenge” targets climate, land, water, and air as initial challenges for its $1 million scholarships and grants program, with finalists and winning teams to be announced on Earth Day 2008, April 22. Teaming up with publisher Scholastic, the program is designed to “educate and empower” middle and high school teams of five to 10 students and a teacher advisor to “positively impact their communities” through what they’ve learned in the classroom.

“If small steps are taken around the country, the collective impact could be amazing,” a Lexus veep said in a statement. The submission deadline for the climate challenge is the furthest out ñ January 7, 2008, with deadlines for the other three categories starting as early as October 2007.

Reporters and scientists interested in knowing how their local schools might compete can get more information at

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