New Climate News Compilation Available by Free Online Subscription

A new online compilation of climate change news is available by free subscription from Environmental Health Sciences, the Charlottesville, Va.- based organization which since 2003 has published the “Above the Fold” daily compilation widely used by environmental journalists.

The new “” uses automated and manual searches to scan “thousands of mainstream news outlets, from center right to center left, every day to locate stories about climate change,” according to its website. Reviewing domestic and international daily newspapers, weeklies, and monthly news magazines published on the web, the group says it “publishes what we find, irrespective of the opinion or viewpoint expressed, or whether or not material in the article is consistent with our understanding of current science.” (italics in original)

That point at times has been a concern among some environmental journalists with the “Above the Fold” online compilation, but Environmental Health Sciences’s Pete Myers has consistently said his sites do not tilt their selections in a particular policy or political direction.

“We take this approach based on the belief that readers who come to want to see a wide range of how issues are being covered by the mainstream press,” the web site says.

Myers is a Ph.D and a coauthor with Theo Colburn and former Boston Globe environmental reporter Dianne Dumanoski of “Our Stolen Future – Are We Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence, and Survival? – A Scientific Detective Story,” dealing with endocrine disruptors – “gender benders” and “hormone impostors.” At that time, Myers was director of the W. Alton Jones Foundation, a private foundation that had generously supported numerous environmental organizations and causes.

Since the dissolution of the foundation, Myers, a former National Audubon Society scientist with a Ph.D. in zoology from Berkeley, has been active in environmental reporting and journalism activities.

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