UNDP Human Dimensions Report Due

The United Nations Development Program this year is focusing its human development report on climate change and water. Scheduled for release this November, the 2007/2008 report, Fighting Climate Change: Human Solidarity in a Divided World, “will explain why we have less than a decade to change course and start living with in our carbon budget,” says a UNDP flyer promoting the upcoming study.

The report pulls no punches. Calling climate change “the defining human development challenge of the 21st Century,” UNDP cautions that “Business-as-usual climate change points in a clear direction: unprecedented reversal in human development in our lifetime, and acute risks for our children and their grandchildren.”

It says the world has the money and technological know-how now to avert disaster but is lacking “a sense of urgency, human solidarity, and collective interest.”

The report is to be officially released November 27 in Brazil. Contact Marisol Sanjines at (212) 906-6763 (by e-mail) or visit their website for more information.

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