U-Mass Climate May ‘Think Tank’ to Focus On Climate Change/Transportation Issues

Transportation and climate change are to be the focus of attention and scrutiny at a University of Massachusetts, Amherst, climate change “think tank” May 29 and 30.

The program will focus on what a university press release called “transportation’s apparent negative impact on our climate” and climate change impacts on transportation infrastructure. The program is a follow-up on recent studies by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Research Council (see Forum article, April 2008).

The university’s geosciences professor Raymond S. Bradley, director of the UMass Climate System Research Center, is to speak on climate change science and “the potential for disastrous impact on the world’s transportation infrastructure as he says the world experiences more ‘extreme weather from the heating of the tropical oceans.’” Solutions and potentially promising technologies also are to be discussed.

Additional information on the session is available at www.h3bmedia.com, or contact Amy Zuckerman at by e-mail or at 413-253-4124.

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