Climate Change ‘Teach-in’ Set for February 5

A youth movement that grew out of the International Climate Negotiations in Montreal plans a national teach-in on global warming across the U.S. on February 5.

The goal of The National Teach-In on Global Warming is to “engage over a million Americans in solutions-driven dialogue, adding thousands of new voices to the movement and educating our political leaders.”

Focusing on recommendations for the new President set by the Presidential Climate Action Project, the campaign is encouraging schools and universities across the country to show a webcast called “The First 100 Days,” teach students about PCAP’s recommendations, and invite lawmakers to campus for roundtable discussions.

“As the energy around the elections subsides, climate and social justice advocates must set our sights on the next step: Bird-dogging Obama and Congress throughout the first 100 days of his administration,” an announcement of the event says.

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