Notable … and Quotable

Encounter a catchy or “keeper” quotation about climate change and climate change communications over the preceding few weeks? Let us know, and we’ll include it in this new feature we call ‘Notable … and Quotable.’

The quotes have to be on-point, concise, meaty, self-standing … and not so overtly partisan that they would demand clarification, elaboration, or further context. Here are a few examples that we think meet these standards. Do you know the source of the individual quotations, and can you link the quotations with those responsible for the specific quotation?

The Quotes


___ 1. “It is a badly flawed piece of public policy …. The Waxman-Markey bill may be the best bill the political system can produce, and surely it is far preferable to doing nothing …. It’s not too late to change our minds [and opt instead for carbon taxes or "a tough new regulatory regime."]

___ 2. “I’m trying to make clear what the connection is between the science and the policy …. Somebody has to do it …. This particular problem has become an emergency.”

___ 3. “If we expect the Chinese and Indians and others to embrace an international system for reducing these gases, we must be the leader” … “we will no longer be preaching temperance from a barstool.”

___ 4. “If man can walk on the moon, we can unite to defeat our common carbon enemy.”

___ 5. “The gulf between the countries of the industrialized world and what is usually referred to as the developing world is, if anything, growing, or at least solidifying.”

___ 6. “We’re at the point where we desparately need some higher-level leadership to get this process going.”

The Quoted


A. Harvard University Economist Robert Stavins.

B. Rep Edward Markey (D-Mass).

C. Mohamed Nasheed, the Maldives’ president.

D. Washington Post business columnist Steven Pearlstein.

E. World Wildlife Fund’s Keya Chatterjee, deputy director for climate change.

F. NASA/GISS Director James Hansen

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