Internews Reporting Competition Targets December Copenhagen Talks

Fourteen journalism awards will be open to reporters from throughout the world through an Internews “Earth Journalism Awards” program, with winning reporters traveling to Copenhagen in December for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 15.

The competition is open to “national, local, and citizen media around the world,” according to Internews, a British media development organization established in 1982. The group says the program, first established in 2004, “establishes networks of environmental journalists in countries where they don’t exist, and builds their capacity where they do, through training workshops, support for production and distribution,” and small grants.

Seven regional awards address reporting on climate change in Eurasia; South Asia; East Asia; Sub-Saharan Africa; Middle East and North Africa; Latin America and the Caribbean; and North America, Europe, and Australia. Six thematic awards address the Copenhagen negotiations; human voices; energy; forests, climate change and nature; and adaptation. A Global Public Award, to be chosen by the public, will be determined online through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to award “the best story” drawn from the regional and thematic awards.

Sponsors of the award are the Government of Denmark; MTV International; The World Bank; the Italian Ministry of Environment and the Protection of Territory and Sea; the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation; the Edgerton Family Foundation; Flip Video Spotlight; and the Global Forum for Media Development.

Details of the awards are available at Journalists can register and upload entries online until September 7, 2009, noon Paris-time, GMT+2. More information is available from James Fahn (44-7703-180 524) for Europe and international issues; and from John Boit (202-822-2093) in the U.S.

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