Chip Giller of Among $100,000 Heinz Foundation Awardees

Chip Giller, who founded the online journal Grist, is a winner of a $100,000 2009 Heinz Award, given by philanthropist Teresa Heinz and the Heinz Family Foundation.

This is the first year the Heinz awards have been set aside exclusively for environmental projects, though the awards have gone to a number of those active in environmental issues during the 15 years the Heinz Awards have existed. “The environment is more important than ever to our lives, our economy, our national security and our future,” Heinz said in a statement, so “it is only fitting that we focus exclusively on this critical topic.”

The $100,000 award from the foundation is made to Giller personally, and not to, of which he is president and CEO, and grant recipients can use the award as they wish. For information on the other environmental winners, see

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