Nature Publishing Weighing New Climate Change Publication

Nature Publishing Group, publisher of the highly regarded Nature magazine, appears to be seriously considering a new climate change publication and is surveying readers about such an effort.

“The new title would cover all scientific (physics, chemistry, geoscience, and biological) aspects of the field as well as social, political, and economic issues surrounding the Earth’s changing climate,” the group says in a distributed posting seeking input on the possible publication launch. Respondents qualify to win a two-year Nature subscription or a 160 megabyte IPod classic.

The brief online survey asks questions about what kind of institution the respondent works for, current position, and areas of special interest for both scientist and nonscientist respondents. It also asks if the respondent has authored or coauthored a research paper over the past three years and seeks input on opinions on respondents’ “top journal” in their respective fields, and on “other resources” they use to keep up with their professional interest.

At one point, respondents completing the questionnaire are presented an example table of contents reflecting a wide range of issues, and asked to comment on the relative weights given the different subject areas. Respondents also are asked how important they consider coverage of those issues, the format in which they would like to see such a new publication (print, online, PDF, etc.), and whether they would “submit a paper to a publication called Nature Climate Change with contents along the lines of those presented in the example.”

The publishing company did not specify just when it will decide on whether to proceed with the new publication.

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