‘Marketplace,’ Public Radio Stations Workshop To Focus on Sustainability, Climate

Public radio stations from across the U.S. will join with southern California local media representatives and others for a June 9 “Moving by Degrees” workshop on covering sustainability and climate change, sponsored by American Public Media and its “Marketplace” nationally broadcast radio program.

The day-long Pasadena meeting will be live-streamed, and those watching and listening from remote locations can submit questions for the expert panelists and the audience of invited public radio reporters and other southern California attendees, expected to number some 120.

With a big-name line-up of faculty presenters and plans for conducting the session in an interactive format, the full-day agenda, available online, includes:

  • an opening interview of charismatic and outspoken Stanford University climatologist Stephen H. Schneider involving Bloomberg Business Week reporter Eric Pooley, author of a soon-to-be released book entitled “The Climate Wars”;
  • a keynote presentation, most likely by former New York Times science writer and now Dot Earth blogger Andrew C. Revkin;
  • A “State of Climate Science” panel featuring climatologists Michael Mann of Penn State and Benjamin D. Santer of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, along with “Whole Earth Catalog” and “Whole Earth Discipline” (new) author Stewart Brand;
  • A Revkin-moderated “regulation vs. innovation” panel involving “Climate Progress” feisty blogger Joe Romm and Michael Levi of the Council of Foreign Relations;
  • An “online exclusive interview” with New Yorker writer and book author Elizabeth Kolbert;
  • A focus on business panel featuring Mindy Lubber, president of CERES, and Mary Capozzi, senior director for corporate social responsibility for Best Buy; and
  • A “Connecting Media, Policy and Science” panel involving Eileen Claussen, president of the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, and Naomi Oreskes, University of California San Diego researcher, along with the Editor of this online journal.

Each of those sessions is to be moderated by Marketplace editors and correspondents, with closing remarks to be made by Marketplace Executive Producer JJ Yore.

Program managers say the Marketplace workshop, in concert with the Gary Comer Global Agenda, is designed to address “the need for public understanding and tough reporting around energy, climate, and the economy.” They say the disappointing Copenhagen international talks last December and “high-profile scandals and corrections” involving leaked e-mails and IPCC’s mistaken Himalayan glaciers report have left the public “confused and bewildered,” with public opinion largely out of sync with scientific understanding.

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