Two Graduate Students Trolling New England for Climate Interviews

Have motorcycle, video camera, intellectual curiosity, a summer break … and some supporting money … and two students are making their way around the Northeast seeking out attitudes on climate change.

Two graduate students, friends since sixth grade, are spending eight weeks of their summer vacation tooling around New England on an old British diesel motorcycle in search of interesting interviews regarding attitudes toward climate change. They’ll be blogging along the way about their experiences at a site they’ve set up.

In a Vimeo video briefly laying-out their trip intentions, Yale University student Erik Fyfe says he is “a tinkerer” (and therefore the diesel motorcycle) and is “interested in understanding diverse perspectives to complex environmental issues.” Fyfe, a 2006 graduate of Emory University, is studying for his masters at Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. His colleague, Albert Thrower, points to his background in film-making. When his long-time friend told him about his summer plans, he says in the video, he responded, “Here’s what you need to have, and I have all this stuff. So you should just take me.” Thrower is a 2005 arts and film graduate from New York University and, starting this fall, a graduate student in the social work program at the University of North Carolina.

The two started their trip in late June traveling several days in New York before heading across northern Connecticut to Rhode Island and Cape Cod. From there, they plan to head into Maine before returning, most likely through southern Vermont. They say they’ll welcome calls to Fyfe’s cell phone (707-797-SLOW) offering suggestions for interviewees or specific sites to travel to.

They have financial support from the Yale University’s Office of Career Development and from the Yale Project on Climate Change Communications, publisher of The Yale Forum.

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One Response to Two Graduate Students Trolling New England for Climate Interviews

  1. Space says:

    If they interview me I will educate them on the fact that diesel engines emit black carbon which Mark Serreze at NSIDC contributes to 2/3 of current ice melt in the Northern Hemisphere.