Sea Level Rise Focus of ‘This is Not Cool’ Video

Major sea level rise reports forecasting trouble ahead for much of California and the Atlantic seaboard, coupled with blistering heat records across much of the U.S. … Cap it all off with a witty Stephen Colbert commentary and you’ve got the makings of another ‘This is Not Cool’ Yale Forum video.

A late-June report from a National Academy of Sciences committee finding that much of California will face higher sea level increases over the coming century than the projected global average …

A report from the U.S. Geological Survey, also in late June, saying Atlantic sea level rise from North Carolina to north of Boston is likely to be higher than anywhere else in the world …

Early July local temperatures across the U.S. on a record-breaking pace across much of the Midwest and Northeast and Atlantic coast, and coming after a June that also had set numerous local temperature records …

Efforts in several state legislatures to limit consideration of sea level rise as a result of a warmer climate …

Add to it all a biting look at the North Carolina example by Comedy Central satirist and humorist Stephen Colbert …

These feed into this month’s “This is Not Cool” video, the work of independent video producer Peter Sinclair for The Yale Forum.

Sinclair’s video commentary draws on outtakes from Penn State climatologist Richard Alley’s “Earth: The Operators’ Manual” public broadcasting documentary, directed by Geoff Haines-Stiles, who graciously made available footage shot with Admiral David Titley, the U.S. Navy’s Chief Oceanographer. The video points to a commentary by Bill Chameides, dean of the Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University, suggesting that some state efforts, in addressing sea level rise, are seeking to repeal the laws of physics, and it links to Colbert’s witty satire on a North Carolina sea level rise legislative initiative.

Peter Sinclair is a veteran videographer who originated the “Climate Crock of the Week” series and now contributes regularly to The Yale Forum.

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6 Responses to Sea Level Rise Focus of ‘This is Not Cool’ Video

  1. JayW says:

    Great work Peter, keep them coming! Hopefully your artful blend of fact and humor will get the message across in such a way that all Americans will understand that the debate is over and it’s time for political action NOW.

    Wouldn’t it be great if James Carville decided to update his iconic 1992 election mantra from “It’s the economy, stupid!” to “It’s the climate, stupid!”

  2. Michael Dean says:

    Listen to Admiral David Titley, Chief Oceanographer, U.S. Navy, speak passively about Climate Change. Mr. Ice Cream Man, Dough Boy, Cream puff says, “Sea level rise is going to be a long term and very, very significant issue for the twenty first century. And, we believe that because the glaciers, both in Greenland and in West Antarctica are melting at an increasingly rapid rate, so that is, of course, ice that is on the land, that is flowing into the oceans…” Titley’s implication is that sea level rise is just happening, there’s no way to know what is causing it and ‘nothing to get up about’. He swore to protect, but instead sits there with his wide eyed lies and the passivity of Mr. Rogers.

  3. Bill Price says:

    Regarding NC Sea Level Rise Law

    NC Lawmakers base Laws on Facts, not Fiction or Comedy.
    CRC’s Scientists have declined to answer questions on their Science Report since Feb.  2011. Why?
    One CRC Scientist said, in effect, that it was better to be fast and cheap,,  than accurate.
    NC Lawmakers disagreed. They want to be accurate,,,, 
    before the CRC starts passing rules to take local people’s property.   

    Bill Price   Pine Knoll Shores 

    • Zach Broughe says:


      There you go again, with
      “the Science Panel won’t answer my questions” bildge.

      Fact is, you can’t handle the truth. Being a Koched out shill for the oil industry is no way to go through life my friend.

  4. This article is scary including the video. I pray that people of the earth will learn how to love and protect our environment. Reminder, the earth is not ours, we just borrowed it from our children and their children.

  5. Glenn says:

    “Atlantic sea level rise from North Carolina to north of Boston is likely to be higher than anywhere else in the world …”

    That is incorrect. It should read Virginia to north of Boston because sea level rise is against the law in NC.