Minnesota, Western Wisconsin Mets’ Climate Workshop Blogs Posted

Two leading Minnesota broadcast meteorologists post blogs capturing their highlights from a two-day climate science workshop held at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Two of the most well-known broadcast meteorologists in Minnesota — Minnesota Public Radio’s Paul Huttner and Weather Nation’s Paul Douglas — have posted their first-hand impressions of an October 5-6 seminar* at the Science Museum of Minnesota for Minnesota and western Wisconsin TV meteorologists.

“The event featured an amazing collection of high level, nationally renowned climate change experts and local broadcasters. Many of these researchers have spent entire careers studying climate change and effects from different angles,” Huttner wrote in a Minnesota Public Radio News blog posting. “The seminar presented a wealth of updated data on how climate changes are unfolding globally and in our backyard. It’s almost impossible to capsulize the overwhelming amount of information I absorbed.”

Huttner’s post provides highlights, as he sees them, from most of the experts who addressed the meeting: Anthony Broccoli of Rutgers University; Ben Santer of Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, Ca.; Mark Seeley and Peter Snyder of the University of Minnesota; Jeff Masters of Weather Underground; Keith Dixon of NOAA’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory in Princeton, N.J.; John Abraham of the University of Saint Thomas, in Saint Paul; Paul Douglas; and Joe Witte of George Mason University and NASA/Goddard.

In his own posting (scroll down) at a Minneapolis Star-Tribune site, Douglas too acknowledged being overwhelmed at the substantial amount of scientific information he picked up during the workshop. “It’s impossible for me to adequately summarize everything I heard and learned, but here are a few highlights, based on the notes I took at the event,” he wrote. He too provided speaker-by-speaker highlights from the presentations.

Reviewing the two meteorologists’ blog posts together offers a fairly representative, if somewhat broad-brush, overview of the workshop, which was hosted by SMM Director of Global Change Initiatives Patrick Hamilton, a Fellow of the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment, and managed by the editor of The Yale Forum.

*The workshop that is the subject of this article was managed by the editor of this site.

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