Newest Yale Forum Video: A ‘Play-by-Play’ on Sandy with Kerry Emanuel

MIT atmospheric science professor Kerry Emanuel offers a concise “play-by-play” as Superstorm Sandy forms and heads for the New Jersey shoreline in the latest Yale Forum video produced by independent film maker Peter Sinclair.

Sinclair’s catchy video captures Ohio State University professor Jason Box on the subject of Sandy’s relationship to our warming planet. Climate change, Box says, “shifted the odds in its favor” and made its impact more severe as a result of the warmer sea temperatures along the eastern seaboard … and the resulting higher sea levels resulting from those higher temperatures.

Weather Underground founder Jeff Masters and video from “Morning Joe” provide additional material in the video, with “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough pointing to a discussion he had recently had with a man who handles insurance rate tables. “This is going to just keep coming,” Scarborough quotes him as saying in reference to sky-high storm-related expenses.

Emanuel at one point notes the irony that greatly reduced sulfur aerosol emissions across North America starting in the mid- to late-1980s as a result of Clean Air Act regulations have allowed ocean temperatures to increase. “That silver cloud, if you will, had a black lining,” Emanuel notes.

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One Response to Newest Yale Forum Video: A ‘Play-by-Play’ on Sandy with Kerry Emanuel

  1. Bud Ward says:

    Posting of this video on Sandy prompted a reader to call to our attention a video posted earlier this month on another fearsome hurricane, “Irene,” which wreaked havoc on much of Vermont in late August 2011.
    “What this tells me as a scientist is that we’re moving into a new climate,” says Vermont climate scientist A.K. Betts in the video, produced by Micah Fink for Common Good Productions. “This makes it much harder to plan for the future,” Betts continues, “because our experience with the past is no longer a guide for the future.” View the video, “Post Cards from the Future: Hurricane Irene in Vermont, seven minutes and 25 seconds, at