Al Gore and ABC’s Bill Blakemore Among Harvard Online Presenters

Harvard’s online Extension Service is about to begin a semester-long climate change science, social impacts course for non-credit and for-credit registrants and for either graduate or undergraduate credits. Today’s first class available to all.

Harvard University’s worldwide Harvard Extension Service on January 30 is launching a semester-long 15-week online for-credit or not-for-credit undergraduate and graduate level course on climate change.

With outside speakers including former Vice President Al Gore and veteran ABC News reporter Bill Blakemore, the course is being taught by William R. Moomaw of Tufts University and Timothy C.Weiskel, a social anthropologist and historian. Weiskel for some time has been teaching online courses on global climate change, environmental ethics and environmental justice in the Sustainability and Environmental Management (SEM) program through Harvard’s Extension School.

Individuals enrolling in the course will have access to and instructions from the “Clearing House for Environmental Course Materials,” which Weiskel says can support ongoing work long after an individual course ends.

The initial meeting of the course, starting at 4:30 p.m. EST on 30 January 2013, is to be available in streaming mode by clicking here. The Syllabus for the course can be accessed by clicking here. And class schedule, class readings, and registration information for the course, “Global Climate Change: The Science, Social Impact, and Diplomacy of a World Environmental Crisis,” are available at that site.

The registration fee for noncredit, undergraduate credits is $1,095, and for graduate school credit $2,050, both now including a $50 late fee for registrations through a February 4 deadline for course registrations.

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