, U of Queensland Assessing Consensus on Human Causation founder John Cook says survey involving some 12,000 papers will measure level of scientific consensus on human contributions to warming planet.

A “Skeptical Science”/University of Queensland initiative headed by’s John Cook is conducting a crowd-sourced survey to measure the extent of scientific consensus that humans are contributing to Earth’s warming.

Cook says the project involves a review of a database of some 12,000 papers that assembled from listings on the “Web of Science” between 1991 and 2011, matching the topics “global warming” and “global climate change.” He hopes readers “from a diverse range of climate blogs” will review 10 randomly selected abstracts to determine the level of consensus on human causation of global warming.

Cook says the review of the abstracts is expected to take about 15 minutes, with participants signing-up to receive the survey results, which will include no data about the individual respondents. Cook says the survey “adheres to the guidelines of the ethical review process” of The University of Queensland and suggests that questions can be directed to him at

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  1. rafael molina navas says:

    If you look at:
    (no answer to my last seven posts), from 3rd to 15th May, and
    you can see how skeptics post repeatedly the same things …
    And as Dr Spencer says, “As I have discussed ad nauseum …”, what linked are just the most recent “discussions” of the issue. I have myself intervened once or twice more in last three years, f.e.:
    Statistics may easily mislead.