U.K.’s Met Office Launches Youth-Focused Weather/Climate Site

My Climate & Me website, using an online magazine format, aims to provide young Britons clear answers and real-life context in ‘authoritative and impartial’ responses from Met scientists.

A new website launched by the Met Office in the U.K. brings scientists and young people together to share scientific information about weather and climate.

My Climate & Me seeks to “cut through confusion on the issue,” letting young Britons ask questions of some climate scientists working at the Met Office Hadley Center.

In an online video magazine format, My Climate & Me director and “roving presenter” Rob Hutt interviews people ranging “from fishermen in Cornwall to gardeners at the River Cottage,” discussing with them how climate change might affect their lives and livelihoods.

“Celebrities and well-loved organizations” also are to be featured in the series posing their own questions.
Individuals can upload their questions directly to the site and a public vote will determine which questions will be answered, the group explains in a release. “Leading experts in the field will then try to provide answers that are clear and give a real-life context.”

Promising to provide easily accessible and non-technical answers provided directly by Met Office scientists, Hutt said, will help ensure “authoritative and impartial” responses.

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