Mentor Program Launched for ‘Emerging Environmental Storytellers’

A new University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment mentor program aims at effort ‘to change the world’ through better communications.

A newly established University of Minnesota mentor program is looking for “emerging environmental storytellers” to submit proposals for 700-word articles, short videos, infographics, and photo galleries.

The “Ensia Mentor Program” also seeks “whatever else you might dream up that offers an innovative, solutions-focused perspective on environmental challenges.” The program is open to those wanting to expand their communication skills,

Funded by the university’s Institute on the Environment and supported by a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Ensia program, is “a media platform that’s out to change the world.” Ensia’s “print and online magazine and events showcase solutions to Earth’s biggest environmental challenges,” the site says. There are no restrictions on applicants’ age, experience or geographic location.

Once a proposal is accepted, Ensia program staff teams applicants with experienced environmental writers, videographers, or designers to develop material for submission to staff editors. The program offers a $600 stipend for the work accepted by the editors.

The program is looking to attract “experienced environmental communicators” to serve as mentors, though there’s no specific application at its website. Mentors also can receive an honorarium and recognition. Those submitting a proposal can also recommend a mentor, but otherwise one is assigned by Ensia staff.

Additional information about the program, contacts, and links to the university’s Institute for the Environment can be found on its website at

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