Western U.K.’s Winter of Weather Discontent Featured in New Video


New video produced for The Yale Forum points to historic storms ripping through much of southwestern coast of United Kingdom virtually since the start of 2014 and suggests slim odds they occurred naturally.

The blanketing weather news about extreme drought in the western U.S. and unusual cold and snow over much of the country east of the Mississippi River — combined with news from the unusually warm winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia — may have left many Americans in the dark about storms battering the western coastline of the U.K since the start of the year.

“Historic” and “epic” are terms commonly being used across Great Britain to describe what BBC has called “weeks and weeks and weeks” of continuous pounding rains and flooding. “Quite phenomenal” is the term glaciologist Alun Hubbard applies to the beating Aberystwyth has taken, along with much of the southwest U.K. coastline. He recounts a 150-year storm with 30- to 40-foot waves in January, followed a week later by a 100-year flood, and soon after by a 50-year flood. He pauses — “It’s quite incredible keeping up with all this” before mentioning the previous day’s hurricane packing 100-mph winds. “Pretty phenomenal for this part of the world,” says Hubbard in a new Yale Forum video produced by independent videographer Peter Sinclair.

A CBS News interviewer asks if the jet-stream-fed 2013 winter storms across the U.S. in effect served as a “storm factory” for the U.K. “A conveyor belt of sorts across the Atlantic,” replies the interviewee.

With the U.K. Met Office calling the rainfall in the U.K. the worst in at least 248 years, Chief Met Office Scientist Dame Julia Slingo describes “the basic science here that points to a compounding effect, if you like, of climate change on the very extreme rainfall, very severe levels of storminess, and possibly even the very prolonged clustering of storms that we’ve seen throughout this winter.”

Glaciologist Hubbard says he sees very slim likelihood that the series of unusual storms occurred naturally.

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3 Responses to Western U.K.’s Winter of Weather Discontent Featured in New Video

  1. Steve Kozicki says:

    So do you think the “Yale Forum for Climate Change … ” might have an existential bias? Al Gore came out of Yale, and he’s such a credible source (not). The globe isn’t warming, it’s cooling. It’s cooling because the sun is getting cooler because of it’s natural cycle. According to the Russian scientists, we are heading into a “Maunder minimum,” a mini ice age. Which, by the way, was what was in effect 248 years ago, when the previous records were set. What about the last three European winters, which were off the charts cold and snowy in Great Britain and the rest of Europe? If you look at a temperature map of the rest of the world presently, Europe is the only occupied land mass that is above normal in temperature. Then, in the US, 2011-2012 was abnormally warm because the arctic was so cold. It’s all about ocean currents and blocking, not global warming. Currently, we have a cold PDO. These currents can be predicted by examining solar activity or inactivity. Look at the weather year 1911, a Dalton minimum year, when Niagara falls froze solid. The same weather conditions that are occurring now have occurred in the past and the future prediction of conditions can be correlated directly to the cycles of the main driver of our weather and climate – the Sun. The problem lies in the fact that, while the global warming people are trying to convince everyone that cold is the new warm, the reality is that, during the prior Maunder minimum and, to a lesser extent, the Dalton minimum, people starved and froze because of the cold. George Washington crossed a basically frozen Delaware river, which never freezes, and he lost many troops to frostbite and cold induced illnesses because he had to endure the Dalton minimum winter at Valley Forge. Starvation in France led to the French revolution because it was too cold to grow wheat during that same low in sun spot activity. (When approached by one of her advisors, telling her that “The people have no bread,” Marie Antoinette said, “Well, let them eat cake”). Articles like the above are trying to convince people that we need to produce less fossil fuels so we produce less carbon, when we are actually going to need more natural gas, heating oil, propane, and coal to keep our populations from dying. Our unpreparedness for the coming colder climate is the real danger.

  2. Melty says:

    Hi Steve,

    Can you point us to the map that shows temperatures everywhere have been cooling, as you claim? Also, why do you expect the Sun to comtinue to remain in a relatively inactive state? Thanks!


    • Nullius in Verba says:

      I think he may be referring to

      Click on the ‘anomaly’ button to see difference from the average.

      Although that’s clearly ‘weather’, not ‘climate’.

      As are the recent storms, of course. I’m constantly fascinated by the way that a couple of months of rainy weather are a clear sign of global warming, but a 17-year hiatus is ‘too early to tell’.