The Yale Forum’s Brief ‘Hiatus’ or ‘Pause’

The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media will soon re-emerge as Yale Climate Connections, a new multimedia project designed to reach the proverbial ‘person on the street’ while still appealing to climate science and policy professionals.

Watch this space.

Farewell “Yale Forum.” And welcome “Yale Climate Connections.”

Today’s posting is the last routine one for The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media for about a month.

The terms “hiatus” and “pause” are by now familiar to those following this site and climate change generally. Consider ours to be one of those.

Our site in effect will be “under construction” as we prepare over the next several months to substantially refashion it, all the while maintaining a focus on effective climate change communications. The first visible signs of that transition will appear over the next few weeks, with much more fundamental and extensive changes developing incrementally over a period of succeeding months.

The newly named “Yale Climate Connections” will be a multi-media communications program keyed to that term “connections.” We’ll draw connections between and among not only the diverse population of people affected by and affecting climate change; and we’ll also better connect the vast number of issues — public health, national security, agricultural production, resource conservation, energy, protection of species, education, equity and ethics* — affected by or affecting our changing climate.

We do anticipate making a few upcoming posts “by exception” over the next month, but by and large our site will go still until the start of June. Even at that point, the initial changes may appear primarily cosmetic … but the substantive changes won’t be far behind. We’ll keep you posted on our progress along the way.

We’re excited by the prospects for change in this regard, and hope our existing and new audiences also will be. From a very parochial perspective, we’re giving new meaning to the terms “hiatus” and “pause.” So stay tuned.

The Editor

*We realize this list of issues affected by and affecting climate change could go on indefinitely.

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One Response to The Yale Forum’s Brief ‘Hiatus’ or ‘Pause’

  1. Brian Smith says:

    Dear Bud Ward,

    You’re not giving up much about the new site and renamed project! Completely understandable; still, if there is more that’s been made available I would appreciate having the link. I’m a long time appreciator of Yale Forum and the YPCCC and believe you have made important inroads tracking the issues and making sense of them for the public.

    The most undermining shortfall of the climate movement is that it is not well networked among advocates around specific public relations and political goals.

    “..multi-media communications program keyed to that term “connections.”" sounds very much like you are gearing up with a networking platform that could help bring larger segments of advocates together around shared goals and actions, beyond just shared information. That would be exciting, not to say challenging. Whatever is in the works, I look forward to it.

    I notice others are using Climate Connections to describe media and other projects. NPR, Nat.Geo., Global Justice Ecology Project and the 2008-09 FIRST Lego League competition, e.g. …which I think is only a plus. The public communications effort across organizations couldn’t find a simpler name for saying what it’s about and inviting the public in.

    Best to you all,

    Brian Smith