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Heidi Cullen on Advising and Fact-Checking for Showtime’s ‘Years’

Climate Central climatologist Heidi Cullen discusses her role as one of the science advisers for upcoming Showtime ‘Years’ climate change documentary.


Key Facts, Issues and Next Steps on Keystone XL Pipeline

The cards increasingly are on the table for a decision on the proposed ‘tar sands’ oil pipeline. But unknowns and uncertainty abound on what comes next … and when.


2014 Climate Outlook and Communications Challenges to be Highlighted in New Webinar Series

Regular Forum contributors and climate scientist Richard Alley and communications expert Susi Moser featured in initial entries of Yale Forum ’30 on Climate’ webinar features.


A Look Back to See the Present More Clearly

John F. Kennedy, the Cold War and Echoes of the Climate Change Challenge

In this 50th anniversary year of JFK’s death, it’s worth pondering which of the many causes and themes advanced by Kennedy best speak to our time. John Wihbey reviews a new history by Jeffrey Sachs and looks at the scientific [...]


Parenting in an Age of Climate Change: Communicating the Tough Truths to Children

Climate communications takes on a new seriousness when it is one’s own children needing to be communicated with.


Looking Back to See Forward

Top Climate Change Stories of 2012

A look back on a landmark study, weird weather, Greenland’s ice sheet melt, and other highlights that shaped climate change science news last year.


A Yale Forum Extended ‘Chat’ with American University’s Matthew Nisbet

An extended and slightly edited transcript of American University ‘Climate Shift’ researcher Matthew Nisbet’s e-mail interview exchange with Yale Forum regular contributor John Wihbey.


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