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Big Question: This Year’s El Niño: How Big? How Destructive?

Experts say they see clear scientific indications of a coming El Niño in coming months, with the questions now focusing more on its size and potential damaging impacts rather than whether one is coming.


The Yale Forum’s Brief ‘Hiatus’ or ‘Pause’

The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media will soon re-emerge as Yale Climate Connections, a new multimedia project designed to reach the proverbial ‘person on the street’ while still appealing to climate science and policy professionals.


30onClimate’ Upcoming Webcast: Re-thinking Climate ‘*#!~alism’

Yale Forum May webinar to probe author and professor David Victor’s ‘three species’ of climate skeptics, who, he says, won’t be going away any time soon.


Data Journalism: Do the Numbers Add Up to Climate Action?

Journalists and other communicators are increasingly using digital graphics to bring climate data to life. Will their creative new approaches help shake public ambivalence on the climate change issue?


The 'Global Warming' vs. 'Climate Change' Riddle (Again and Still)

Riley Dunlap on What a Difference Two Words Make … Or Do They Really?

So, is it ‘global warming’? Or better to say ‘climate change’? With both terms ‘politically polarized,’ it may come down to a matter of … Pick your poison.


Liberal Columnist Voices Climate Despair Sentiments

It’s bad enough that too many appear insufficiently concerned about climate change impacts, but what really hurts is when those duly concerned are on verge of throwing in the towel.


The Journal that Gave In to Climate Deniers’ Intimidation

A journal’s retraction of a researcher’s work in light of a ‘small number’ of complaints from those often described as climate ‘skeptics’ raises concerns about a chilling effect on scientific research. (Reposted with permission of The Conversation.)


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