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Feeding on the Beast of Climate Change: Science, Impacts, ‘Solutions’ Focus of SEJ Convention

Climate change issues were front-and-center at the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) 17th annual conference at Stanford University September 5-9.


Editor and Publisher Columnist Outing: Sack ‘Objectivity’ in Climate Change Reporting

A long-time columnist for Editor and Publisher, a standard in the newspaper industry for those it’s named after, has raised a fuss with a provocative column urging newspapers to “abandon their old way of doing things” – specifically “balance” – [...]


Giving Objectivity A Bad Name

Two really smart critics have cited the journalistic tradition of objectivity as the reason mainstream media have missed or underplayed some big stories. Steve Outing, writing in Editor & Publisher, says objectivity has gotten in the way of informing the [...]


CNN’s ‘Planet in Peril’: Still Time to See it on Cable TV

The life of a climate blogger isn’t always easy. As The Yale Forum previously reported, the Houston Chronicle‘s science writer and SciGuy blogger, Eric Berger, told his blog readers in November that he had been unable to find a qualified [...]


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