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'Sufficient Evidence' Mann's Claim May Succeed on Merits

‘Hockey Stick’ Scientist Michael Mann Can Proceed with Defamation Suit

A Superior Court judge, hinting of what it considered something of a ‘witch hunt,’ rejects a conservative publisher’s efforts to squelch scientist Michael Mann’s lawsuit alleging he was defamed in a magazine article equating him to convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky.


Richmond Newspaper: Skeptics Angst on Human Causation ‘Laughable’

Conservative Times Dispatch calls continuing skepticism on human influence ‘laughable….Start debating how to deal with it.’


Mentor Program Launched for ‘Emerging Environmental Storytellers’

A new University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment mentor program aims at effort ‘to change the world’ through better communications.


Gore: Climate Dialogue ‘Not Won Yet, but Very Nearly’

The former Vice President voices optimism that a changing national conversation on climate change will carry the day and sway policy makers…and lead to meaningful progress. He points to weather anomalies and wild fires as key factors in the public’s [...]


U.K.’s Met Office Launches Youth-Focused Weather/Climate Site

My Climate & Me website, using an online magazine format, aims to provide young Britons clear answers and real-life context in ‘authoritative and impartial’ responses from Met scientists.


Republican Lawmakers Slammed in ‘Hurricane Names’ Video and Petition Effort

You get a laugh at the partisan message, even if climate partisanship itself is no laughing matter, as a toothy and partisan video message skewers policy makers in mock effort to have severe storms named after them.


Session to Address Integrated Air Quality/Climate Change Approaches

A professional organization’s Washington, D.C.-area conference will examine clean air approaches as complements to climate change strategies, and vice versa.


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