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7 Minutes on Climate Change Basics Q&As

AMS’s Paul Higgins offers concise seven-minute video tutorial addressing fundamental climate change questions, providing a useful resource for communicators and educators.


MIT Scientist: An Obligation to Take on ‘Tail Risk’ vs. Alarmism

Respected MIT scientist Kerry Emanuel takes on the sometimes dicey issue of ‘tail risk’ and explains why he thinks it important for the science community to discuss it … notwithstanding inevitable risks of doing so. (Reposted with permission.)


UCS Report Assesses CNN, Fox, MSNBC Cable Coverage of Climate in 2013

The science and advocacy organization finds MSNBC’s coverage most ‘entirely accurate,’ followed by CNN, and then by Fox News Channel, and says all could take steps to strengthen their climate reporting.


Texas A&M’s Andy Dessler on ‘Decision Making Under Uncertainty’

A convenient YouTube six-minute video by a Texas A&M atmospheric scientist offers a useful resource for considering — and for teaching — decision making in the context of uncertainties.


On New IPCC Report, WSJ Views Differ Greatly from Those of Other Dailies

WSJ somewhat commends latest IPCC report on climate change impacts, but reads the report far differently from four other major daily newspapers finding the report far more concerning than comforting.


Wollaston Award Winner Maureen Raymo’s ‘Climate Symphony’

The climate community traditionally underestimates the rate of change in the climate system, Columbia University scientist cautions. She wonders where things will stand once everything ‘comes into equilibrium’ with our current Pliocene-era atmosphere. 


'Nobody is Immune'

Major News Outlets: Somber Reporting on ‘Bleak’ IPCC Study

The nation’s largest and most influential daily news outlets give voice to increasingly troubling assessments from world’s leading group of climate scientists. Some say the general ‘tone’ of the climate discussion is changing.


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