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Abrupt Climate Change Focus of New Yale Forum Video

An issue that for years received only passing attention, even in many professional circles, abrupt climate change and potential impacts on at-risk ecosystems is getting more attention in the scientific sphere.


Olympic Skiers’ Fear: The Beginning of the End for Snow Sports?

Artificial snow is a crucial part of the Sochi Winter Olympics, where newscasters and attendees often are seen sporting clothing more suited for warmer weather than for the bone-chilling temperatures now spread across much of the eastern U.S.


Nuclear Arms Talks Seen as Useful ‘Experiment’ for Climate Negotiations

Large multinational climate talks are going nowhere fast, two outside observers conclude, saying targeted talks involving just the largest greenhouse gas emitting countries are worth a try.


Olympic Skier Andy Newell Takes Lead on Climate Change

Olympic cross country skier says he fears warmer climate and less snow fall could lead to … indoor skiing on artificial snow.


Fewer Past Venues Seen Suitable as Future Winter Olympics Sites

A warmer climate means far fewer past Winter Olympic sites will be suitable as future sites. ‘Simply not cold enough,’ a University of Waterloo study suggests.


Will Snow(-less) Boarding be the New Norm in a Warmer Climate?

Olympic snow-boarder Elena Hight says her world-wide travels indicate to her that ‘warmer, shorter, drier’ winters increasingly are becoming the norm.


New Yale Forum Video

Inquiring Minds Want to Know … Why Is It So Cold?

The end of January cold spell and heavy snows raise questions for some about the links between frigid weather and a warming Arctic. Hint: Look at the swooning Jet Stream.


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