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'Nobody is Immune'

Major News Outlets: Somber Reporting on ‘Bleak’ IPCC Study

The nation’s largest and most influential daily news outlets give voice to increasingly troubling assessments from world’s leading group of climate scientists. Some say the general ‘tone’ of the climate discussion is changing.


‘Team Climate’ Looks Back on Sochi Winter Olympics Experiences

Five Yale University graduate students recount the successes, and also a few frustrations, in their Winter Olympics campaign to increase awareness of climate change impacts on winter sports.


A ‘Plug’ for Showtime’s Coming ‘Years of Living Dangerously’

The upcoming Showtime documentary series knits together a powerful message on a critical global issue through punchy storytelling and an emphasis on ‘real people’ confronting a warming planet. First episode to be available free online starting April 7.


Lost in the Snow: When the Media Met the Polar Vortex

Climate change is transforming the circulation patterns which bring us our weather, but do journalists have enough scientific understanding to tell us what’s going on? (Reposted with permission of Kennedy School Review.)


Scripps, NCAR Scientists Weigh in on Global CO2 Monitoring Efforts

A new Yale Forum video features two leading atmospheric scientists on the importance of global CO2 data trends … and on funding challenges lying ahead.


AAAS, White House: Similar Goals — Boost Climate Understanding, Actions

The world’s largest science society and the Obama White House launch new phases in what each says will be ongoing efforts to improve Americans’ understandings of, and actions to manage, adverse climate change impacts.


California’s Record Drought and Meteorological ‘Three Rs’

A range of climate scientists detail the spectrum of possibilities explaining the current record drought facing much of California, with a caution about the ‘incredibly important’ implications of the drought … potentially one lasting a very long time.


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