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‘For Beginners’: Global Warming Joins Obama and Chomsky, Sartre and Shakespeare

“Beginners” now can add global warming to the list of subjects they can learn about through a series of highly successful paperback books published as part of the … you guessed it … “For Beginners” series.


Oceans 30% More Acidic than in 1750

Ocean Acidification Research, Monitoring: Moving Toward Coordinated Federal Program

Chemists first theorized the process commonly referred to as “ocean acidification” in the 1970s, but only during the past few years have researchers begun to fully appreciate the threats it poses to ocean inhabitants such as corals and fish. With [...]


As Director of Florida Keys Sanctuaries, Causey Sees Changes to Corals ‘In Our Lifetime’

KEY WEST, FLA. – Since the 1970s, Billy Causey has observed ominous signs of change in the coral reefs of the Florida Keys. As southeast regional director for the National Marine Sanctuary Program of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, [...]


The Power of ‘Three Concerned Citizens … With a Video Camera and a Computer’

A respected George Mason University climate change communications expert, Ed Maibach, is pointing to a do-it-yourself 10-minute video by two Environmental Protection Agency Region X (San Francisco) attorneys as “a wonderful example” of effective climate change communications.


Santa Fe’s ‘Vision Shift!’ Art Exhibit Illustrates Growing Role of Arts Community

From ‘Vision Shift!’ site It’s another example of a growing trend in the arts community to “create meaningful social change,” as sponsors put it, on climate change. By the name “Vision Shift! Art in the Age of Climate Change,” the [...]


NRDC’s ‘Acid Test’ Acidification Film Aired on Discovery, Available Online

Those missing the Discovery Channel’s “Planet Green” August airings of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s ocean acidification film can catch the 21-minute piece at


AAAS Downtown D.C. Headquarters Offers Photojournalist, Author Timely and Key Venue

Photojournalist and writer Gary Braasch, and his author and filmmaker colleague Lynne Cherry, will see their climate change “message of urgency and action” placed in a strategic Washington, D.C., location and at a politically strategic time … from October 26 [...]


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