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'Game Plan Known'

Greenpeace Releases Oil Industry’s ‘Energy Citizen’ E-mail on P.R. Rallies

It’s obvious that Greenpeace was not just accidentally omitted from the routing slip when American Petroleum Institute President and CEO Jack Gerard sent out his July “Energy Citizen” e-mail kicking off a planned post-Labor Day effort to defeat climate change [...]


Earth’s Ocean Surface Warm Temperature And Other Tasteful July Tidbits from NOAA

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful ….” OK, so there’s no snow in the immediate outlook, it being summer in the northern hemisphere, so forget about the let it snow, let it snow, let it snow refrain. But for those [...]


Bleak Employment Numbers for 2008 Journalism, Communications Graduates

Any sentient human being couldn’t be surprised that the employment picture for U.S. college journalism and mass communications graduates looking for full-time jobs is bleak. Given the overall economy, and given in particular the journalism economy, the real news would [...]


Leading NGOs as Seen Through Their Websites

U.S. Environmental NGOs: Media Moles or Moguls In Drive for Power in Changing Media Landscape

Glance at the websites of major U.S.-based environmental NGOs and you’ll see a pattern. These bright and often busy websites frequently are stamped with a simple logo: a heron, an egret, a polar bear, or a leaf. The contrast is [...]


Important (?) Editor's Note

O.K. So ‘Astroturf’ Rises (Sinks?) to New Low: Holding Our Tongue on Lobbying Forgery Snafu

So, here’s the deal, and surely we digress: We’re not going to spill a lot of ink here (spread a lot of bytes?) reporting on the snafu in which a D.C. Beltway public relations/advocacy firm forged letters to a Virginia [...]


Pew Survey Results: Interesting Insights On Science, Public and Science, Media

What scientists and the American public think of each other. And what scientists think about how the media portray science to that same public. And whether scientists and the public at large see eye-to-eye on corporations and social responsibility. And [...]


Cue the Jaws Thump-Thump Music: And Scientists’ Phrases to be Dreaded

Ponder these: “That really shocked me.” “We had no idea how bad it was.” And “Reality is well ahead of the climate models.” To respected veteran science editor Sharon Begley of Newsweek – no favorite among those denying the established [...]


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