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Pew Center Survey of 1,500 Adults Shows Less Confidence in Climate Science Evidence

Tipping, clinking wine glasses and a toast of “Cheers!” signaled the satisfaction at a climate science contrarians website over a recent Pew Research Center national survey finding fewer Americans see “solid evidence” of climate change as a serious issue.


Times’ Revkin’s ‘Thought Experiment’ Prompts Limbaugh Reply … ‘Go Kill Yourself’

Segments of the environmental journalism blogosphere went ballistic for several days in mid-October over talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s suggestion that New York Times science reporter Andrew C. Revkin “go kill yourself and help the planet by dying.”


Nature Publishing Weighing New Climate Change Publication

Nature Publishing Group, publisher of the highly regarded Nature magazine, appears to be seriously considering a new climate change publication and is surveying readers about such an effort.


‘U-Dub’ Professor Stephen Gardiner Sees Climate Change as ‘Perfect Moral Storm’

Gardiner sees a climate change ‘perfect moral storm.’ SEATTLE, WA. — First it was a scientific debate. Then it became also an economic and policy challenge. Now climate change is becoming a moral storm. Or maybe it always has been. [...]


Another Medium ... The Same Message: Action on Climate

Musicians Inspiring Fans to Act On Climate Change Solutions

In 2007, Live Earth held massive climate change-themed concerts in stadiums around the world. The star-studded shows, broadcast globally, were intended to leverage the power of music to raise awareness, change individual behavior, and increase public pressure for governments to [...]


What Do The American People Want? U.S. Action on Climate Change

American climate policy could use a bit of James Madison. In a letter written in 1822, five years after leaving office, the fourth President of the United States cautioned that “A popular Government, without popular information … is but a [...]


State of Journalism Among Concerns Of NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Add the flagging state of mainstream journalism to the list of worries on the mind of NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco. In an hour-long open-mic conversation with ABC climate change reporter Bill Blakemore October 5 as part of [...]


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