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Out-George-Willing George Will: Michael Barone’s ‘Geeks Bearing Formulas’

He’s no George Will in terms of name recognition, and probably not in terms of conservative political credentials either, but that didn’t stop political pundit Michael Barone, now a fellow with the conservative American Enterprise Institute, from stepping into it [...]


Marriott Ending Automatic Free Newspapers at Your Door

Those newspapers in the hallway as you find your way from your Marriott International hotel rooms to the lobby?


Tackling Tropical Deforestation

‘REDD’ is Part of the New Green In Run-up to Copenhagen Conference

Tropical deforestation, mainly in Brazil and Indonesia, releases massive quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, but political, social, and scientific concerns kept the issue off the table during negotiations for the Kyoto Protocol. As the world prepares [...]


America's Arid Southwest

Learning Lessons from the Lost Anasazi

The Anasazi culture of the southwestern United States reached its zenith between 1050 and 1125 A.D. before experiencing a dramatic collapse. Despite their advanced industrial society known for their cliff dwellings and ornate baskets, no authoritative written record adequately explains [...]


U.S. Power Plant 2008 CO2 Emissions Fall; But NOAA Shows Increasing CO2, Methane Concentrations

The recession and a mild winter resulted in a 3.1 percent drop in carbon dioxide emissions from U.S. power plants in 2008, according to EPA data analyzed by the Environmental Integrity Project, a nonprofit interest group. The one-year dip is [...]


New Study Shows Major Geographic Shifts in Wildfires Coming in Western U.S., Elsewhere

Rising temperatures and shifting rainfall patterns associated with climate change will cause major shifts in global wildfire patterns, according to a new analysis by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley and Texas Tech University.


On Spending Time Writing About Those Writing About George Will’s Writing About Climate

How many times did you have to read that headline to make sense of it? Yet? That’s the point. Comes a time, better said came a time, when it’s increasingly unproductive taking time to write about editorial columnist George Will’s [...]


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