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Absolute Certainty ... Elusive

That Storm, That Cold Day, That Drought … How Scientists Try to Evaluate Links to Warming

These days it seems as if a single hot or cold day is all it takes to inspire a reporter or politician to blame the mercury’s position on global warming, or, alternatively, claim it as proof that global warming doesn’t [...]


Author, Entrepreneur Paul Hawken Offers ’09 Graduates Uplifting Message

Here’s a challenge for this year’s college graduates: “You are going to have to figure out what it means to be a human being on Earth at a time when every living system is declining, and the rate of decline [...]


Going Where Few Colleagues Dare to Tread ...

NBC4′s Bob Ryan Carries Message To USA Today Editorial Pages

TV meteorologist Bob Ryan has again shown his willingness to go where fellow meteorologists sometimes dare not tread – this time taking his message on climate change science not only beyond his own local TV comfort zone but, what’s more, [...]


Each Prompts Reporting Concerns

Network’s ‘Earth 2100′ and Geneva Group’s Death, Cost Estimates Shine Light on Climate Impacts

Besides progress on a major climate change initiative on Capitol Hill (see related story, this posting), two particular events over the past few weeks – one created by the media and the other widely reported in countless media outlets – [...]


For Business Writers, Editors

Yale Forum, Metcalf Institute Offering Fellowships for SEJ October Conference

As many as eight experienced business writers and editors will qualify for fellowships to attend and participate in two special sessions on covering climate change as part of the Society of Environmental Journalists’ 19th Annual Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, on [...]


Energy Department: Global CO2 Emissions Could Rise Nearly 40 Percent Over Next 20 Years

Global emissions of CO2 will rise 39 percent by 2030 in the absence of global controls on greenhouse gas emissions, the U.S. Energy Department has forecast. The Energy Information Administration, the statistical research arm of the Energy Department, announced the [...]


Purdue High-Resolution Models: Hot Times Ahead for the West

Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah will be ground zero for extreme heat waves if greenhouse gases continue to rise unabated, according to a new study by researchers at Purdue University.


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