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New Report on Fortifying Gulf Coast, East Coast Regions from Rising Seas

A new report defines policy changes and other actions needed to help reduce losses from rising sea levels resulting from climate change.


Growing Role for New Media Foreseen As Climate Science/Public Opinion Diverge

Several public opinion polls of Americans’ attitudes suggest that much of the science of climate change is getting lost in the fury surrounding its politics. A recent Pew survey, for instance, reports that the percentage of Americans who believe “solid [...]


Needed: 'Common Climate Language'

Authors of Science Article Support Ways To Even Out Science/Public Understanding

Some influential backers of actions to control climate change say a “common climate language” is needed to improve public understanding of what they see as convincing evidence of the seriousness of the climate challenge.


Did G20 Leaders Hear, Listen to ‘Double Crisis’ Recommendations?

World leaders meeting in London for the April Group of 20 (G20) advanced and emerging nations meeting were given a 50-page “Toward a Global Green Recovery” report coauthored by the United Kingdom’s Lord Nicholas Stern and Ottmar Edenhofer of the [...]


House Climate Bill Kicks Off Tough Effort; Nothing Certain in ‘Fight of Our Lives’ Campaign

Nothing goes anywhere on Capitol Hill until and unless a bill is introduced. It may sound obvious, but it’s a truism in Washington, D.C. And it helps a lot – a whole lot – if those introducing the particular bill [...]


What to Call It? And How Much is too Much?

House Science Chair Questions Terminology and Key ‘Number’

Associated Press science reporter Seth Borenstein was out to get a number from the Obama administration’s top science advisor, John Holdren of the Office of Science and Technology Policy.


Four Experts Pass Judgment

Commenting on Journalist Eric Pooley’s Analysis of Press Coverage of Climate Policy

Journalist Eric Pooley’s January 2009 Shorenstein Center critique and analysis of press coverage of climate change policy issues has generated substantial attention and on-going “buzz” in climate journalism circles. After publishing freelance writer John Wihbey’s February 17 article and analysis [...]


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