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What to Call It? And How Much is too Much?

House Science Chair Questions Terminology and Key ‘Number’

Associated Press science reporter Seth Borenstein was out to get a number from the Obama administration’s top science advisor, John Holdren of the Office of Science and Technology Policy.


Four Experts Pass Judgment

Commenting on Journalist Eric Pooley’s Analysis of Press Coverage of Climate Policy

Journalist Eric Pooley’s January 2009 Shorenstein Center critique and analysis of press coverage of climate change policy issues has generated substantial attention and on-going “buzz” in climate journalism circles. After publishing freelance writer John Wihbey’s February 17 article and analysis [...]


Mainstream Reporting Raising Doubts

Gallup Poll Finds More Americans Say Media Overstate Warming Risks

A March 2009 Gallup Poll survey points to “the highest level of public skepticism about mainstream reporting on global warming seen in more than a decade” of Gallup polling on the issue.


NBC Washington, D.C. Meteorologist
Bob Ryan Posts Global Warming Site

Veteran and highly regarded Washington, D.C., meteorologist Bob Ryan has posted online an extensive six-part discussion of climate change and human contributions to those changes, issues he says he long had avoided because of “the many political, emotional, and even [...]


‘Chilling’ Used to Describe State of Media;
Outlook: Year Ahead Could be Worse

“Chilling” is a term used with a very special meaning among journalists, as in the chilling, or suppressing, of information. On a day when the Seattle Post-Intelligencer published its last print edition, and within just weeks of the demise of [...]


‘Earth Hour’ Proponents Hope for, Expect
Massive Global Participation on March 28

A number of leading environmental organizations worldwide are hoping that a one-hour “lights-out” blackout on Saturday, March 28, will trigger lots of new efforts to manage climate change. Is your city among the roughly 1,200 across 80 countries planning to [...]


WHOI Scientist Backs ‘Scientist Citizens’;
Not Celebrities or Lobbyists, ‘Just Citizens’

The “formidable” walls of the ivory tower and the scientific fraternity generally need to better support scientists’ “rightful role in our society” as communicators with and enlighteners for the public on science-related policy issues. That’s a basic message of Woods [...]


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