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Free Training Module Available Online; Specifically Targeted to Meteorologists

A new two-hour training module on climate change science, designed specifically for broadcast meteorologists and weathercasters but a useful tool also for others, provides a broad overview of the what/why/wherefore of climate change. “Climate Change: Fitting the Pieces Together” was [...]


As Antidote to Vanishing D.C. News Bureaus ...

Duke’s Nicholas Institute to Offer Weekly ‘Climate Post’ News, Analysis

With newspapers’ Washington, D.C., news bureaus being shuttered and closed-down faster than one can track, Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy is hoping its new weekly posting, “The Climate Post,” can help fill the news void.


Keeping Tabs on Obama’s Climate Push As House Moves Forward with Legislation

With President Obama and key congressional leaders seeking passage this year of global warming legislation, journalists have a great opportunity to explain the complexities of the issue to their readers. But reporters must be careful too, as climate policy doesn’t [...]


When I say SEC or Securities … You Say EPA or Climate Change

So, here’s the deal. Reading through this coverage, one is tempted to substitute environmental or climate change references for all of the securities references. Try it:


Out-George-Willing George Will: Michael Barone’s ‘Geeks Bearing Formulas’

He’s no George Will in terms of name recognition, and probably not in terms of conservative political credentials either, but that didn’t stop political pundit Michael Barone, now a fellow with the conservative American Enterprise Institute, from stepping into it [...]


Marriott Ending Automatic Free Newspapers at Your Door

Those newspapers in the hallway as you find your way from your Marriott International hotel rooms to the lobby?


Tackling Tropical Deforestation

‘REDD’ is Part of the New Green In Run-up to Copenhagen Conference

Tropical deforestation, mainly in Brazil and Indonesia, releases massive quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, but political, social, and scientific concerns kept the issue off the table during negotiations for the Kyoto Protocol. As the world prepares [...]


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