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Energy Department: Global CO2 Emissions Could Rise Nearly 40 Percent Over Next 20 Years

Global emissions of CO2 will rise 39 percent by 2030 in the absence of global controls on greenhouse gas emissions, the U.S. Energy Department has forecast. The Energy Information Administration, the statistical research arm of the Energy Department, announced the [...]


Purdue High-Resolution Models: Hot Times Ahead for the West

Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah will be ground zero for extreme heat waves if greenhouse gases continue to rise unabated, according to a new study by researchers at Purdue University.


Notable … and Quotable

Encounter a catchy or “keeper” quotation about climate change and climate change communications over the preceding few weeks? Let us know, and we’ll include it in this new feature we call ‘Notable … and Quotable.’ The quotes have to be [...]


Waxman-Markey Moving Forward in House; Some Environmentalists Express Opposition

Ah, the irony. Some environmentalists at the throats of two of the greenest House of Representatives legislators, veritable icons for environmental activists over the past two decades. It may be one of those situations legislators actually welcome – your erstwhile [...]


The Pros and Cons … and the Politics … Of Cap and Trade Versus CO2 Taxes

With compromise House legislation headed by California Democrat Henry Waxman moving forward with mandatory emission limit caps on greenhouse gases, cap-and-trade appears to be leaving carbon taxes as an afterthought on Capitol Hill. While prospects for final congressional approval and [...]


Free Training Module Available Online; Specifically Targeted to Meteorologists

A new two-hour training module on climate change science, designed specifically for broadcast meteorologists and weathercasters but a useful tool also for others, provides a broad overview of the what/why/wherefore of climate change. “Climate Change: Fitting the Pieces Together” was [...]


As Antidote to Vanishing D.C. News Bureaus ...

Duke’s Nicholas Institute to Offer Weekly ‘Climate Post’ News, Analysis

With newspapers’ Washington, D.C., news bureaus being shuttered and closed-down faster than one can track, Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy is hoping its new weekly posting, “The Climate Post,” can help fill the news void.


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