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Gallows Humor Video from Leah Lamb: Environmental Reporters on ‘Endangered List’

A bit of gallows humor resulting from newsroom cutbacks run amok, complete with online videos lamenting both the plight of metropolitan daily newspapers and the need to welcome environmental journalists to the endangered species list. Writer Leah Lamb, an online [...]


Getting the Word Out … from bin Laden (?) To Bill Gates and News Corp’s James Murdoch

Just when the climate change community was thinking things could get no zanier in terms of communicating effectively with the public on climate science … … along comes word in late January that none other than Al-Qaida leader Osama bin [...]


Undoing 'The Curse' of a Chain of Errors

Anatomy of IPCC’s Mistake on Himalayan Glaciers and Year 2035

See Editor’s Note Introducing this Feature On the heels of the Copenhagen climate talks – whose scant accomplishments reveal that climate change science may be no match for international politics – the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) finds itself [...]


Making Sense of Sea Level Rise: Numerous Factors, But Rising Temperatures Key

Will Outer Banks’ existing dunes withstand future sea level rise? The concept of sea level rise for much of the public may suggest an image of the world’s oceans as something like a bathtub, with melting glaciers as the faucet. [...]


San Diego TV Meteorologist John Coleman Arouses Scripps Ire with ‘Other Side’ Special

A San Diego local meteorologist long known for his hostility to the climate science recognized by the world’s leading climatologists and scientific organizations has aired a one-hour “Other Side” TV broadcast. John Coleman’s piece explores what he sees as global [...]


Columbia Journalism Review Captures Essence of TV Meteorologists’ Climate Views

A January/February 2010 cover story in the Columbia Journalism Review offers an insightful overview of television meteorologists and weathercasters and their views toward climate change.


When a Tree Falls

Why the Decline and Rebirth of Environmental Journalism Matters

In Camille Feanny’s neighborhood workers busily repair homes and patch or reinstall roofs and windows after drenching storms last fall nailed the Southeast. As she stares out her window, she’s dismayed: No rush to install new insulation, or solar panels, [...]


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