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‘U-Dub’ Professor Stephen Gardiner Sees Climate Change as ‘Perfect Moral Storm’

Gardiner sees a climate change ‘perfect moral storm.’ SEATTLE, WA. — First it was a scientific debate. Then it became also an economic and policy challenge. Now climate change is becoming a moral storm. Or maybe it always has been. [...]


Another Medium ... The Same Message: Action on Climate

Musicians Inspiring Fans to Act On Climate Change Solutions

In 2007, Live Earth held massive climate change-themed concerts in stadiums around the world. The star-studded shows, broadcast globally, were intended to leverage the power of music to raise awareness, change individual behavior, and increase public pressure for governments to [...]


What Do The American People Want? U.S. Action on Climate Change

American climate policy could use a bit of James Madison. In a letter written in 1822, five years after leaving office, the fourth President of the United States cautioned that “A popular Government, without popular information … is but a [...]


State of Journalism Among Concerns Of NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Add the flagging state of mainstream journalism to the list of worries on the mind of NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco. In an hour-long open-mic conversation with ABC climate change reporter Bill Blakemore October 5 as part of [...]


Cap-and-Trade Rx from RGGI: ‘Tight Fitting’ and ‘Not Floppy’

“Tight-fitting, not floppy around the ears.” Talk about how saying it simply often means saying it best and most clearly. Trouble is that many of the media missing-in-action from coverage important to congressional consideration of greenhouse gas legislation are just [...]


The Bad News: Recession, Economic Slowdown; The Sliver of Silver Lining: CO2 Emissions Decline

There aren’t many positive things one can say about the global economic recession that, in the words of a recent New York Times article, “froze economic activity and slashed energy use around the world.”


‘For Beginners’: Global Warming Joins Obama and Chomsky, Sartre and Shakespeare

“Beginners” now can add global warming to the list of subjects they can learn about through a series of highly successful paperback books published as part of the … you guessed it … “For Beginners” series.


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