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‘Six Segments’ of American Public Analyzed On Diverse Climate Change Views, Info Sources

A recent study by researchers at Yale University and George Mason University identifies six separate segments of the American adult public in terms of their positions on climate change issues and how they arrive at those positions.


Twitter Makes it to the Media Big-Time; Included in New AP Stylebook Edition

It’s official. As if it’s having been unofficial up until now has slowed or in any way impeded Twitter’s explosive growth in journalism circles. The trendy, concise, and utterly-fab-dahling social media site, known best for its 140-character limitations in individual [...]


‘Biggest Health Risk,’ Forced Migration, Risks to Eastern North America Coasts Studied

Recent studies are shining light on public health, forced migration, and sea level risks facing northeastern U.S. and Canadian shorelines. Some observers are saying the would-be news-consuming public may have over-dosed on climate news for the time being. If so, [...]


Absolute Certainty ... Elusive

That Storm, That Cold Day, That Drought … How Scientists Try to Evaluate Links to Warming

These days it seems as if a single hot or cold day is all it takes to inspire a reporter or politician to blame the mercury’s position on global warming, or, alternatively, claim it as proof that global warming doesn’t [...]


Author, Entrepreneur Paul Hawken Offers ’09 Graduates Uplifting Message

Here’s a challenge for this year’s college graduates: “You are going to have to figure out what it means to be a human being on Earth at a time when every living system is declining, and the rate of decline [...]


Going Where Few Colleagues Dare to Tread ...

NBC4′s Bob Ryan Carries Message To USA Today Editorial Pages

TV meteorologist Bob Ryan has again shown his willingness to go where fellow meteorologists sometimes dare not tread – this time taking his message on climate change science not only beyond his own local TV comfort zone but, what’s more, [...]


Each Prompts Reporting Concerns

Network’s ‘Earth 2100′ and Geneva Group’s Death, Cost Estimates Shine Light on Climate Impacts

Besides progress on a major climate change initiative on Capitol Hill (see related story, this posting), two particular events over the past few weeks – one created by the media and the other widely reported in countless media outlets – [...]


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