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Sea Level Rise Reported Above Average
Along Eastern Seaboard

The Mid-Atlantic coastline is experiencing rising sea levels faster than the global average, according to a report released by the federal EPA January16.


Warming Global Temperatures
Seen Threatening Agriculture

A warming world, stricken by more heat waves, more severe and frequent storms, drought and desertification, and sea level rise “will seriously diminish the world’s ability to feed itself,” Time magazine reported January 13, detailing a new study published in [...]


Film Debut on Ocean Acidification
Keyed to Raising Interest, Action

“The flip side of climate change.” That’s the sound bite promoters of a new film on ocean acidification are using to describe “A Sea Change,” a film they say is based on “hard scientific information” to make the case about [...]


Business Beat Perspective

Business Week’s John Carey On Outlook for Climate Coverage

John Carey is a Business Week Senior Correspondent in the Washington, D.C., bureau. He has covered science, technology, medicine, health, energy, and the environment for the magazine since joining it nearly 20 years ago and has written extensively and insightfully [...]


The Mix - Climate Scientists and Op-Eds

Far from the Peer-Reviewed Journal, Scientists Confront How-Tos of Op-Eds

Last summer the head of Harvard University’s Science, Technology and Public Policy program, John Holdren, penned an argument on the subject of climate change sufficiently compelling that The Boston Globe and International Herald Tribune eagerly published it. On the morning [...]


American Society of Newspaper Editors
Proposes Deleting ‘Paper’ From Name

Another nail in the coffin for those hang-tight ink-in-the-veins journalism types who have become the digital age’s dinosaurs.


NY Times Moves to Strengthen Environmental Coverage

It wasn’t one of those “Dear Colleague” memos from the Executive Editor announcing yet another scaling back of newsroom staff. Enough already. Whew! This one, from New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller on December 17, instead was a move [...]


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