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Corals, Earth’s Canary in Coal Mines, Facing ‘Calamitous’ Global Declines

The current state of most of the world’s coral reefs is so calamitous that it’s difficult to over-dramatize the situation. Reefs have seen massive declines around the globe, and while there is much debate about which particular threat is most [...]


Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

All Capitol Hill Eyes on Energy, Climate; Make that Health Reform = Energy, Climate

U.S. legislators’ imminent return to Capitol Hill next week, after their sometimes raucous health reform “town hall” meetings with constituents, is refocusing attention on expected near-term Senate action on energy/climate change legislation.


U.S. Chamber Seeks ‘Public Trial’ á la Scopes
On Climate Change Science (You Read that Right)

With the season’s first pro and college kickoffs about to take place, please excuse the sports metaphor. OK, yet another one! To wit: It seemed either a stroke of genius or the proverbial Hail Mary pass, the U.S. Chamber of [...]


Evidence-Based Policy vs. Policy-Based Evidence Seen as Shared Science Challenge in U.K.

If misery indeed loves company, U.S.-based climate scientists and journalists may take some modicum of comfort from the similar challenges facing their British counterparts.


Grantham-Funded Imperial College Group Projects Far Higher Climate Adaptation Costs

It’s going to cost two to three times more than the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change has estimated to adapt to projected impacts. That’s the headline from a new study released jointly by the Grantham Institute for Climate Change, [...]


‘Buy One Anyway’ Video Spoofs
Journalists and Newsroom Layoffs

One observation often made about – and most often made by – environmentalists and journalists: They tend to take themselves pretty seriously. Sometimes maybe even too seriously.


Some of Our Favorite Blogs & Websites

It’s a minefield out there, this thing they call the World Wide Web. Riches galore. And more rubbish than you could throw a bone to. Wheat and chaff, chaff and wheat. So here’s a start – it’s clearly intended to [...]


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