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The [Bleak News] Year in Review: Climate Change Coverage by the Numbers

“… not even a postage-stamp-size space for coverage of climate – or the environment as a whole, for that matter.” That wording is how reporter-turned-blogger Andy Revkin characterized a new and useful illustration depicting how much – make that how [...]


Fears 'Skewing' of Public Policy

Ohio State’s Earle Holland Urges Scientists to Speak Out Against ‘Spin’

A veteran Ohio State University science communications expert, Earle Holland, is pointing to the lessons from animal and biomedical research as they may apply to climate science and climate scientists. Holland says it’s time for climate scientists to “take a [...]


‘Weather Jack’ Offers Useful Reporting Tips On Cold Weather … (and FreAkY HaTe MaIlS !!!)

Do a Google or Lexis/Nexis search of newspaper news stories knowledgeably exploring “Arctic Oscillation” or, better yet, delving seriously into “AO.” Lots of luck. Slim pickins. Which isn’t necessarily a problem, given the need for those stories to be accessible [...]


A Photo Essay

A Look-Back at the Climate Talks; COP-15 in Copenhagen

View Braasch’s Copenhagen Photos COPENHAGEN, Sunday 20 December 2009 (7 am local time) — The 11th-hour “Copenhagen Accord” agreed to by the U.S., China, and three other major greenhouse gas emitting countries capped 14 days of frustrating negotiation, contention, oration, [...]


Andy Revkin’s Last Day at NY Times: December 21

Science writer Andrew C. Revkin, the individual journalist most identified with reporting on climate change, is leaving The New York Times. His last day will be December 21, and he will affiliate with Pace University. He is expected to continue [...]


Dateline Copenhagen

‘The little mermaid’ in Copenhagen Harbour. Six freelance journalists – an eclectic mix of writers, climate bloggers, photojournalists, youth advocates, and educators – are submitting copy to The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media between December 7 and [...]


American Public Media Commits To Multi-Media Climate Coverage

A national public radio* network known best for Garrison Keillor’s “The Writer’s Almanac,” the classical music program “Performance Today,” and in-depth coverage of the market is making a concerted move to provide outstanding and ongoing in-depth coverage of climate change [...]


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