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Psychologists’ Task Force Report Identifies Principal Barriers to Understanding

“We must look at all the reasons people are not acting in order to understand how to get people to act.” That through-the-looking-glass assessment comes from Penn State Psychology Professor Janet Swim, PhD., chair of an American Psychological Association task [...]


‘News About the News’ or … The Times (And Post, etc.) are a-Changin’

In case you missed it – that is, you momentarily blinked – the news about the news has been a’changin. And fast. This is the news about the news, mind you, the title of a well-regarded journalism book by Leonard [...]


China’s Potential for Green Technology, Wind Energy Leadership Roles Studied

China could be a major world player in green technology, with a market for environmentally sustainable technologies worth $500 billion to $1 trillion annually, according to a new report.


Arctic Cooling, Ice Age Trend, Appears Reversed by CO2 Emissions

Rising global temperatures caused by humanity’s relentless appetite for carbon-based energy are not only changing life for humans, they appear to have reversed an Arctic cooling trend otherwise leading to the next ice age, a study published in the journal [...]


Chip Giller of Among $100,000 Heinz Foundation Awardees

Chip Giller, who founded the online journal Grist, is a winner of a $100,000 2009 Heinz Award, given by philanthropist Teresa Heinz and the Heinz Family Foundation.


Corals, Earth’s Canary in Coal Mines, Facing ‘Calamitous’ Global Declines

The current state of most of the world’s coral reefs is so calamitous that it’s difficult to over-dramatize the situation. Reefs have seen massive declines around the globe, and while there is much debate about which particular threat is most [...]


Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

All Capitol Hill Eyes on Energy, Climate; Make that Health Reform = Energy, Climate

U.S. legislators’ imminent return to Capitol Hill next week, after their sometimes raucous health reform “town hall” meetings with constituents, is refocusing attention on expected near-term Senate action on energy/climate change legislation.


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