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Dateline Copenhagen

‘The little mermaid’ in Copenhagen Harbour. Six freelance journalists – an eclectic mix of writers, climate bloggers, photojournalists, youth advocates, and educators – are submitting copy to The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media between December 7 and [...]


American Public Media Commits To Multi-Media Climate Coverage

A national public radio* network known best for Garrison Keillor’s “The Writer’s Almanac,” the classical music program “Performance Today,” and in-depth coverage of the market is making a concerted move to provide outstanding and ongoing in-depth coverage of climate change [...]


From the Editor

Expectations Substantially Lowered For December Talks in Copenhagen

Those expecting or hoping for major substantive breakthroughs and commitments from international policy makers meeting in December in Copenhagen have pretty much had their expectations dashed.


Yulsman, Poynter’s NewsU To Make ‘Covering Climate Change’ Available Online

Veteran science and environmental writer Tom Yulsman has teamed up with the Poynter Institute’s online News University and with Internews on a highly practical and much-needed “Covering Climate Change” online course for reporters.

READ MORE Co-Founder, Editor Detail ‘Climate Cover-Up’ P.R. Campaign

No one will mistake as an impartial and detached observer of climate change, nor should they. That said, the site is a valuable and sometimes bitey commentary from the activist perspective on things-climatey. That can be said too of [...]


Try Picturing This ...

Horsey Is No Environmental Journalist, But His 25 Words Communicate Plenty

David Horsey is no environmental journalist, make no mistake about it. What he is instead is an editorial cartoonist. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but a recent Horsey cartoon, syndicated November 18 by United Press Syndicate, says [...]


International Energy Agency Issues Stark Report as Copenhagen Talks Near

“The time has come to make the hard choices.” With that sobering advice, the London-based International Energy Agency November 10 released its World Energy Outlook 2009 report just weeks prior to international Copenhagen meetings and policy makers’ “historic opportunity to [...]


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