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Super Typhoon Haiyan: A Hint of What’s to Come?

Climate Central’s respected climate and weather writer and analyst Andrew Freedman dissects the ins and outs of the Philippines’ devastating Super Typhoon Haiyan and looks to what the future may hold. Reposted with permission.


Columnist Robert Samuelson: Time to Think Carbon Tax?

A respected long-term economics columnist comes around to backing a carbon tax, if only because it might address problems going beyond just those associated with a warming world.


What's a Guy Like You Doing in a Place Like This?

English Prof and Nonfiction Writer Turns AGU Blogger

What you know can hurt you, a new AGU communications blogger advises the science community. Particularly if your audience doesn’t know what you assume it does.


Columbia, S.C., Meteorologist’s ‘Climate Matters’ Efforts Featured in Video

A newly posted video goes into a South Carolina TV station’s studio to explain a meteorologist’s approach to a series of ‘Climate Matters’ broadcasts.


New IPCC Report Featured in This Month’s ‘This is Not Cool’ Video

Climate scientists Michael Mann and Stefan Rahmstorf offer a concise description of key points made in the recently released IPCC Working Group I Fifth Assessment Report in a new video produced by Peter Sinclair.


Pacific Northwest Climate Projections Outlined in New Report

Lots of change is in the air in a warmer Pacific Northwest, a new analysis projects, many posing significant ecological and economic concerns for the region.


Respected Climate Writer Dan Vergano Leaves USA Today for NatGeo

The climate journalism pool gets shallower with the loss of respected science and climate journalist Dan Vergano from USA Today, and it doesn’t appear he’ll be doing much more on climate change from his new post at


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