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Foundation-Funded Health News Service, Free Blogs for Reporters Pink-Slipped

“It’s a long way from $700 billion ….” With that glib lead paragraph, the presumably still-employed Jenna Wortham reported in the November 24 New York Times that TypePad publisher Six Apart has started “its own economic bailout plan” for recently [...]


Due Thanks to National Enquirer

Inquiring Minds Want to Know; Meteorologists’ Minds, That Is

The National Environmental Education Foundation has posted online a series of 15 questions and answers designed to address what the group thinks are top questions on the minds of broadcast meteorologists when it comes to the issue of climate change.


NBC Universal Picks ‘Green Week’
To Give Pink Slips at Weather Channel

Timing is everything. So NBC Universal must not have been too surprised when it found its decision to dismiss a few score staff – including on-camera meteorologists and apparently its entire environmental unit – raised a few eyebrows.


NSF-Funded Metcalf Institute Book Reports on Journalists / Scientists Dialogues

A newly released “essential resource” for journalists, scientists, and educators working with climate change science issues describes journalists/scientists dialogues that took place in a series of nationwide workshops with support from the National Science Foundation.*


Report Warns of Capacity Issues on Nation’s Electricity Grid

Ramping up wind and solar power could provide the nation with promising sources of alternative energy, but the U.S.’s existing electricity grid may not be able to handle it.


Climate Change ‘Teach-in’ Set for February 5

A youth movement that grew out of the International Climate Negotiations in Montreal plans a national teach-in on global warming across the U.S. on February 5.


Carbon Releases from Peat Bogs Predicted

Continued global warming is expected to cause the release of billions of tons of carbon in coming decades as peat bogs dry up, according to a Harvard University study published in the current issue of Nature Geoscience (see article in [...]


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