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Bill Dawson is an independent journalist who edits Texas Climate News, an online magazine published by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Houston Advanced Research Center. He was previously environment writer for the Houston Chronicle.

Natural Gas Firm Going On Line With ‘’ Programming

With the mainstream commercial media companies eliminating many hundreds of journalists’ jobs, new ventures such as the nonprofit Pro Publica, the New York-based investigative reporting organization, are trying to pick up some of the slack. Now comes something really different: [...]


Physics Society Restates Position After Blog-Driven ‘Kerfuffle’ Erupts

A recent “kerfuffle,” as a headline writer for termed it, once again underscored the influence of the blogosphere’s echo chamber – and just how quickly it can spread bad information. The American Physical Society, APS, last month saw fit [...]


Why Are So Many TV Meteorologists and Weathercasters Climate ‘Skeptics’?

All three staff meteorologists at KLTV, the ABC affiliate broadcasting to the Tyler-Longview-Jacksonville area of Northeast Texas, joined forces last November to deliver an on-air rebuttal of the idea that humans are changing the earth’s climate.


Henson’s Rough Guide to Climate Change: A Must for Reporters’ Sagging Bookshelves

As bookshelves increasingly sag with climate change books, it would be hard to find one more useful to journalists than Robert Henson’s The Rough Guide to Climate Change, recently issued in a second, revised edition. The book, first published in [...]


MIT’s Emanuel Rethinking Warming/Hurricanes; Most Media Too Busy Covering … Whatever

You might think it would be news when MIT scientist Kerry Emanuel, who has influentially linked global warming to stronger hurricanes, reconsiders his views in light of new evidence. Two respected climate journalists – Eric Berger of the Houston Chronicle [...]


Resources Abound for News Media Exploring City Hall/Climate Change Issues

Newspaper journalists are seeing some environmental coverage migrate from the specialized environmental beat to other coverage areas, such as business and religion. Municipal government – historically a key beat at most dailies – is becoming particularly fertile territory for reporting [...]


A Study in Contrasting Coverage: Dailies Differ Widely on EPA’s California Ruling

When the Environmental Protection Agency rejected California’s request for authority to set its own regulations to limit greenhouse gases from vehicles in late December, it was predictably big news there and in 16 other states that had indicated a desire [...]


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