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Bill Dawson is an independent journalist who edits Texas Climate News, an online magazine published by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Houston Advanced Research Center. He was previously environment writer for the Houston Chronicle.

European Coverage Varies on Jellyfish … Climate Change Connection … or Lack of

Sure, climate change now has a more prominent place on the media agenda. But that doesn’t mean news organizations will always pay prominent attention – or any attention, for that matter – to the global warming angle in a given [...]


Old, New Media Cultures Illustrated In Coverage of NASA’s Hansen in Houston

As the nation’s oil capital and home to the first President Bush, Houston might seem to outsiders an unlikely place for Hansen to receive such a positive media reception. He is, after all, an outspoken critic of the current Bush [...]


Newsweek’s ‘Hoax’ Cover Story Raises Ire of Deniers, … and also Criticism from Within

“Hoax” is a potent accusation, a four-letter grenade of a word. In the public discussion of anthropogenic climate change, prominent conservatives such as Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) and radio commentator Rush Limbaugh have used it to convey profound suspicion about [...]


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