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Bruce Lieberman is a freelance writer covering science and environmental topics. He has more than 20 years experience in the news business. (E-mail:, Twitter: @brucelieberman1)

National Climate Assessment Report: Warming Here … and Now

With a focus on the United States and eight specific regions, the new comprehensive report offers insights on projected local and regional impacts.


Officials Fear Setbacks to California Air Quality Progress in a Warmer Climate

California’s ground-breaking air quality efforts, long the trendsetter both nationally and globally, are viewed by local officials as likely to suffer serious setbacks in a warmer world.


Reviewing Impacts of Historic Drought Facing California and the West

As much of the eastern U.S. was shivering through one of the region’s coldest and snowiest winters in years, a historic drought now in its third year plagues California’s usually lush Central Valley and other parts of the West…with implications [...]


2014 Climate Change Crystal Ball: Upcoming Stories to Keep an Eye On

Don’t let likely reports of inaction on Capitol Hill on climate issues fool or distract you: The coming year holds promise for a wide range of significant developments on climate change.


Gavin Schmidt … Speaking up and speaking out

Climate researcher and blogger Gavin Schmidt offers scientists an alternative to ‘saying nothing, doing nothing, being nothing’. What are the ‘rules’ of engagement and why?


When Measuring Climate Change, ‘What’ Do You Measure?

Scientists working on ‘what’ indicators to include in future assessments of change in the U.S.


A New View of Warming from the Globe’s ‘Third Pole’

The Tibetan Plateau is a major gateway for the transport of water vapor into the upper atmosphere.


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