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Bruce Lieberman is a freelance writer covering science and environmental topics. He has more than 20 years experience in the news business. (E-mail:, Twitter: @brucelieberman1)

Wildfire in a Warming World

The equation between climate change and wildfire not so simple.


Tracking Snowpack in a Warming World

NASA’s new airborne observatory gives unprecedented view of melting Sierra snow. New data may help transform how scientists think about snowpack and how a warming climate is changing it.


California’s ‘Rim Fire’ and Climate Change…Dots Connected…Or Not?

Many media reports link California’s historic summer of 2013 ‘Rim Fire’ to a changing climate. But differences among the American West’s forest regions make broad generalizations risky.


SCC — Social Costs of Carbon: A Continuing Little-Told Story

While the limelight continues to focus on more headline-friendly issues like the upcoming IPCC ‘AR 5′ reports, an intriguing, but wonkish, story continues to play out on social cost of carbon cost/benefit analyses.


National Climate Assessment: Plenty of Grist for the Media Mill

A first draft of the Congressionally mandated ‘National Climate Assessment’ offers plenty of material for informing audiences about climate impacts, even as it undergoes further revisions heading toward an early 2014 final report.


Blanket Media Coverage Follows Obama Inaugural Comments on Climate

Media across the U.S. and beyond spent reams and gigabytes of digital space reporting and assessing — upwards, downwards, and sideways — President Obama’s Inaugural Address comments on climate change.


Key Things to Watch for, Climate-Wise, Throughout 2013

All forecasts of big news events in the coming year run risks of being scooped by the unforeseen, but not so with a forecast that many differing climate news developments will compete for the finite, and shrinking, news hole … [...]


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