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Bruce Lieberman is a freelance writer covering science and environmental topics. He has more than 20 years experience in the news business. (E-mail:, Twitter: @brucelieberman1)

Candidates’ Convention Speeches Leave Vacuum; Cloudy Priorities for Whomever Succeeds Bush?

Convention speeches, designed to introduce presidential candidates to American voters just beginning to pay attention, help define the priorities and passions of candidates and their parties. If you were looking for more than a mention of the biggest environmental issue [...]


Fossil Fuel P.R./Ad Campaigns Reaching Crescendo in Election Season

On May 13, the date of West Virginia’s presidential primary, CNN launched what the progressive group, Think Progress, called a “coal fest”. “ISSUE #1: MAKING GAS FROM COAL: REDUCING DEPENDENCE ON OIL” flashed across the television screen as senior business [...]


Arctic Sea Ice: A Single Season Does Not a Significant Trend Make

On June 27, The Independent in London ran a story that read “Exclusive: No Ice at the North Pole.” The headline was off on two counts: there was nothing exclusive about the story, and it’s premature to say the North [...]


Groups Go After Young People, On The Web And Elsewhere

Last summer, when Oregon high school teacher Greg Craven wanted to tell young people about the Earth’s warming climate, he went to where many of them live – on the Internet. It wasn’t long before his Red Bull-fueled burst of [...]


Covering the Climate Change/Water Story: Much Good Work Done, Much Remains to be Reported

The story of climate change is a story of water – how much of it falls from the sky and where, whether it falls as rain or snow, and how fast it melts and evaporates once it’s on the ground.


Questions Media Can Consider To Better Inform American Voters (Pt.3 of 3)

Future American presidents committed to taking strong action on climate change, beginning with whoever takes office next January, will face some tough choices. Many scientists and climate policy experts say unprecedented and historic action is needed.


Candidates and Campaigns Coverage Flirting (at Most) with Climate Change (Pt.2 of 3)

When it comes to covering the climate issue in the campaign for president, politicians and the nation’s news and editorial pages just can’t commit. The environment, and that includes global warming, is an issue that politicians like to date but [...]


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