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Bud Ward is editor of Yale Climate Connections. (E-mail:
Reporting on IPCC's New Climate Change Mitigation Analysis

Second-Day N.Y. Times Front-Pager Provides Essential Context

The New York Times’ second-day page-one report on ‘political realities’ in Washington provides essential context missing from media first-day IPCC report news coverage.


A First-Person Perspective

Climate Change Confusion in a Rural Virginia Town

A discussion leader’s reference to a study said to challenge the climate change ‘consensus’ omits key points the audience should have been advised of .. such as whose views, exactly, were surveyed?


At Issue: Role of Arctic Sea Ice Melt in Mid-Latitude Cold Extremes

A ‘real’ and legitimate settling of differences is under way in the science community far different from, and far more worthwhile than, the usual talk-show ‘battling pundits’ variety.


Six Climate Freelancers Seeking Support Base of 800 Subscribers

The clock is running for six ‘seasoned’ freelancers looking to raise crowd-funding support of their climate and environmental journalism.


On January’s Belated Gifts to Those Sowing Climate Doubts

Two spates of Arctic chills across a major part of the country, along with a stranded research vessel in Antarctica, provide ample rhetorical grist for those contesting climate science … the absence of scientific justification notwithstanding.


NCAR Scientist Trenberth, U.K. Economist Stern Communications Prize Winners

Two similar but independent climate science communication awards honor work of NCAR scientist Kevin Trenberth and U.K. economist Nicholas Stern.


Urges Scientists to Speak Out More Loudly

Snowe to AGU about Congress: ‘That Was Then, and This is Now’

Former bipartisan Senator offers AGU scientists reasons for optimism on working with Congress … but also points to stiff obstacles needing to be overcome.


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