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Revkin’s Departure from Times Leaves Big Climate Reporting Void

The nation’s climate change science desk gets a lot smaller come December 21 with the resignation from The New York Times of science writer Andy Revkin. With its paring of some 100 newsroom and editorial employees, it’s not at all [...]


What Happens in Utah ... Doesn't Stay in Utah

BYU Earth Scientists Express Concerns Over State Legislature’s Climate Efforts

The Utah capitol: Hearing ‘both sides’ of climate science. Eighteen Brigham Young University earth scientists are telling the state’s political leaders that they need to “give considerable weight to an overwhelming scientific consensus, and treat fringe positions with respectful skepticism.” [...]


On Having Not Yet Fully Read The SuperFreakonomics Book

One could go on for columns about the columns written on economist Steven Levitt’s and journalist Stephen Dubner’s SuperFreakonomics, the sequel to their best-selling Freakonomics. Let’s not go there. Truth is that I expected, wanted, to very much enjoy this [...]


Climate Scientists’ E-mails Hacked, Posted; So What Does it All Mean for the Climate?

A veritable flood of hundreds of e-mails surreptitiously released by a computer hacker from a famous climate change research facility has climate skeptics seeing, or hoping for, blood. It has climate change “consensus” scientists crying foul, but anxious and standing [...]


Post Ombudsman: 'Close Call'

Washington Post’s Eilperin Draws Barbs Based on Spouse’s Climate Policy Role

Barbs from the left and right are nothing new, in fact are par for the course, for any environmental reporter in a position as visible as Juliet Eilperin’s. A five-years-plus veteran of covering the beat for The Washington Post, Eilperin [...]


On ‘White Knuckles’

I can’t decide whether climate change is likely to be the biggest, and most enduring, story of the century. Or whether it’s the state of story telling in the first place – and, in particular, of journalism – that is [...]


Chemical Society’s Editor Sees ‘No Difference’ After Flap on Climate Column

The e-mail blast bore all the signs of news, really big news, but the tell-tale all-caps “BREAKING” had the familiar breathlessness of just one more Marc Morano “news” flash.* News Analysis The back story here involves what blogger Morano called [...]


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