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Was It Editing ... or Misleading Splicing?

BBC ‘Newsnight’ Editing of Obama Inaugural Address Prompts Criticisms

View larger image BBC ‘Newsnight’ website link to video One of the proudest and most credible names in journalism, BBC, has found itself challenged on its questionable editing and splicing of President Obama’s science and climate change remarks during his [...]


2008′s Year-Long Fall-off in Climate Coverage; Tracking the Trends, and the Reasons Behind Them

Coverage of climate change in 2008 pales quantitatively when compared with previous years’ upward trends. Victim of the global financial crisis? Of news room “down sizing”? Of polar bears having become “old news”? Of short attention spans and perhaps “climate [...]


Plain Dealer Reporter Michael Scott Explores Cleveland’s Broadcast Met Attitudes

A Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper article portrays the city’s broadcast meteorologists as consisting of a disproportionate number of “on-air personalities who are pushing hard against the prevailing winds of climate science.” Along with forecasting the weekend weather and providing five-day [...]


Politico’s Blunders on Climate Story: Science AND Journalism Principles Violated

It wasn’t so long ago that a number of leading climate scientists felt they needed a “rapid response mechanism” to forestall flawed climate reporting before it took off like a wildfire across the nation’s and world’s news sections. The result [...]


Yale Climate Media Forum (11/08 Update)

Change. It’s everywhere one goes nowadays, with the term in effect having short-handed for the successful campaign of President-elect Barack Obama.


Virginia Tech Hosts SEJ Annual Conference

Climate Change, Coal Mining/Burning Highlights for 800 SEJ Participants in Roanoke

ROANOKE, VA. – The annual fete and feast known to environmental reporters as the Society of Environmental Journalists’ annual conference this year offered some 800-plus attendees a diverse menu of climate change, coal, energy, and related morsels. The October 15-19 [...]


Yale Climate Media Forum (10/08 Update)

Thanks for taking a look at our new look.


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