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Bud Ward is editor of Yale Climate Connections. (E-mail:

Prominent Social Scientist Baruch Fischhoff: On Need for Climate and Decision/Social Sciences

A respected social scientist, Baruch Fischhoff of Carnegie Mellon University, sees his discipline having to play an increasingly critical role in the climate change arena if citizens are to become fully engaged and involved in the issue.


Yale Climate Media Forum (03/08 Update)

Thank you for visiting The Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media. As we pass the half-year point – Wow, already! – of our first anniversary, it is sobering to consider how much has changed in the months since [...]


Feasting at the Annual AAAS Conference: More to Chew on than Just Free Eats

Veteran participants in the annual conferences of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, AAAS, will tell you it’s just another word for that meeting. Intrepid reporters, and hungry ones, can eat their way through the annual four-day programs [...]


WSJ’s ‘Environmental Capital’ Blog Launched

You might want to think about adding another journalist’s blog to your internet “favorites” or RSS feed-reader. Veteran Wall Street Journal reporters Jeffrey Ball and Keith Johnson this week launched “Environmental Capital“. Most of the reporting is to be done [...]


Yale Climate Media Forum (01/08 Update)

Thank you for visiting The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media. Your visiting us this early in the 2008 New Year means you come as we celebrate a three-month birthday. We launched this site on October 1, 2007. [...]


Tom Toles: Leading Editorial Cartoonist on Global Warming

Say the words “global warming” and “editorial cartoonist” in the same sentence, and most climate change wonks likely will conjure up the work of Tom Toles. Since 2002 the successor and office holder to the legendary Herblock, Toles likely has [...]


Sun-Times Business Editor Pitches ‘Open Mind’ To Competing Tribune Reporters … and 200 Others

It’s not the pitch itself that makes this newsworthy. Nor are the “pitchees” here what deserves comment. Reporters get pitches all the time. Daily, hourly even. Pitches are, after all, a reporter’s bread and butter, notwithstanding their complaints about getting [...]


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