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Bud Ward is editor of Yale Climate Connections. (E-mail:

Grist’s David Roberts: A Hot Light on Warming Planet Goes Stone-Cold

Idiosyncratic Grist columnist, badly burned-out and OD-ed by 10 years on the 24/7 climate news cycle, steps away for a year to clear his head.


Climate Protagonists Together ... but not Face-to-Face

Judith Curry and Kevin Trenberth: Equal Time on NPR

Hours of taped interviewing lead to two eight-minute segments on NPR’s ‘All Things Considered’ exploring the contrasting views of two prominent climate scientists.


AGU’s New Climate Change Statement Emphasizes Human Role

Thirteen approve, with one official and very vocal dissenter:  Roger Pielke Sr dissents as AGU adopts new statement saying ‘urgent action’ needed on climate.


On Snowden, The Guardian, the Public Attitudes toward Journalism

The seemingly overnight morphing from investigative journalist to partisan P.R. practitioner may be the underlying journalism ‘back story’ behind the headline-grabbing National Security Agency ‘leak’ … or, as some prefer, ‘whistle blowing.’


Obama’s Climate Change Bully Pulpit … Muted? Unplugged? MIA?

The silence from the White House and the President on climate change is deafening, leaving observers beyond the inner sanctum to only wonder what, if anything, is really happening. Or might happen next. Or not at all.


Goodbye Jim Hansen, Civil Servant. Hello Jim Hansen, Citizen Scientist

Don’t look for retiring NASA/Goddard climate scientist to disappear into a well deserved retirement. In the most important ways … Jim Hansen isn’t going anywhere.


2013 ‘State of’ Report Describes Continuing Woes of Journalism

Report details another year of declining hard-news audience numbers and shrinking newsroom staffs — with P.R. supplanting real news in more and more cases. ‘And that’s the way it is,’ the late Walter Cronkite might lament in regarding today’s news [...]


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